Counterparts detail upcoming full-length, release ferocious new song, “Unwavering Vow”

Melodic hardcore/metalcore band Counterparts have long been one of the most consistent bands in the scene. Since their 2010 debut full-length Prophets, they’ve continually proved they’re in the upper echelon when it comes to songwriting skills, meaningful lyrics, and ferocious vocals that tug at all sections of the heart.

The band’s newest song, “Unwavering Vow”, is no exception. While it carries similar vibes as the band’s more recent material, there’s undoubtedly a massive Misery Signals influence that permeates the band – and that’s a pretty high compliment, to be sure. In other words, it’s a fucking BANGER and a half. It’s the debut single from the band’s upcoming album, A Eulogy For Those Still Here, out in October. Enjoy.

A Eulogy For Those Still Here tracklisting:

1: 7:26:2020
2: Whispers Of Your Death
3: Bound To The Burn
4: Unwavering Vow
5: A Eulogy For Those Still Here
6: Skin Beneath A Scar
7: Sworn To Silence
8: What Mirrors Might Reflect
9: Soil II
10: Flesh To Fill Your Wounds
11: A Mass Grave Of Saints

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