February 28, 2024

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Converting WAX to EOS in 2023? Here are the Top 3 Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Consider

WAX is a project built in 2017 with the goal of streamlining e-commerce transactions. This purpose-built blockchain features a range of incentive mechanisms and other features that optimize it for its primary utility in the e-commerce sphere.

Nowadays, the blockchain is used for a wide array of purposes, including games, decentralized apps, and more.

The token is fully compatible with EOS, and many traders are interested in converting WAX to EOS or vice versa. In the following article, we’ll explore the three best exchanges for doing so.

1. Godex

Godex is a decentralized crypto exchange that allows swapping cryptos entirely anonymously. Users don’t have to register but only provide a wallet address and enter the amount they want to swap. Apart from being anonymous, Godex also fixes trading rates, ensuring users aren’t affected by price volatility once they start swapping cryptos.

The platform offers 300+ cryptocurrencies, including WAX and EOS.

All transactions on Godex are anonymous, which adds a layer of security to them.
Transactions are fast.
The platform supports 300+ cryptocurrencies, and its crypto portfolio keeps growing.
All trading rates are fixed once the trade is initiated.
There’s no upper limit to how much you can trade.

Some users reported occasional delays when swapping coins.
Godex features somewhat limited liquidity when compared to industry-leading exchanges.

2. Binance
Binance has been one of the largest crypto exchange platforms in the world in terms of trading volume. It features hundreds of available and tradable cryptos (150+ for US customers) and offers relatively low fees for players.

Unlike Godex, Binance requires users to become registered members to trade cryptocurrencies. The good news is that it also accepts fiat payments, meaning you can connect one of the accepted payment options and buy crypto with fiat money.

Despite its popularity among experienced traders, Binance remains difficult for beginners, as they have to face a steep learning curve before becoming comfortable with the platform.

Great liquidity due to the sheer trading volume on Binance.
Users can trade 350+ cryptocurrencies (150+ in the US).
The interface is smooth, with plenty of advanced trading options available.
A range of cutting-edge security protocols protects Binance users.
A mobile app that features a great user experience.
A steep learning curve means Binance isn’t a suitable platform for new traders and investors.
Binance isn’t approved in all countries, meaning it’s not available across the globe, and offers limited services in some areas, such as the US.
Users need to register and complete the KYC verification to use Binance and its entire set of services.
3. Huobi
Founded in 2013, Houbi became a large and significant cryptocurrency exchange, accepting more than 700 digital tokens. It’s most known for offering deep liquidity for many leading crypto trading pairs and has a range of trading features suitable for professionals.

Because of its extensive toolbox, Huobi might seem complex to beginners, much like Binance, as it’s mainly targeted at experienced traders. On the other hand, traders who get comfortable with using Huobi can capitalize on its yield-generating opportunities.

Unfortunately, Houbi has been the subject of some wash trading accusations that the platform. This stained its reputation long-term, even though there weren’t any similar incidents lately.

Huobi is one of the leading exchanges in terms of liquidity depth for popular trading pairs.
Competitive trading fees.
Margin trading is supported, along with other advanced trading features.
Military-grade security measures implemented.
Intuitive interface that doesn’t feel cluttered.

Wash trading accusations in the past.
Users need to complete the KYC to start trading.
Customer support is limited compared to competitive exchanges.

One Last Thought

The three presented exchanges currently offer the best options for trading WAX to EOS. Still, it’s up to you to carefully research them and make your final pick. Examine their security, fees, and other features before making your final decision. Also, check for the availability of other cryptocurrencies, especially the less popular ones. Some of them could be big in the future. For example, traders have been actively checking the LAthaan price lately.

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