Converge plays “Concubine” at a free, insane pop-up show in Texas – watch

While extremely abrasive in nature and certainly not a band that is going to have a mainstream sort of audience, Converge have nonetheless carved out a name for themselves in hardcore, metal, and punk by releasing some of the most critically acclaimed albums in music. Jane Doe, Axe To Fall, All We Love We Leave Behind – the list goes on, really. Cited by many up and coming bands across the heavy music spectrum as a key influence, Converge are likely your favorite band’s favorite band.

Anyway, the band recently played the stacked Oblivion Access festival in Austin, Texas. The lineup featured dozens of bands and artists, from the likes of Danny Brown to Soul Glo, and needless to say it was quite the event. Converge also performed their fan favorite song “Concubine” at a pop-up show, which a lucky group of fans got to witness. What a time to be alive, honestly.

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