October 6, 2022

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Converge Close Out Chicago’s House Of Vans Free Summer Series In A Way Only They Can (Review + Photo)



House Of Vans in Chicago has done way more than provide skaters with a nice indoor park as this summer they’ve thrown a free series of summer country music entertainment inside the park. Featuring acts like Taking Back Sunday, Vince Staples, Banks, and more they’ve given fans of all genres the chance to see their favorite artists in an intimate setting. There’s no better band to pick than metalcore / hardcore legends Converge!

Converge are pioneers of their genre to this day. With 2001’s Jane Doe they became staples in the genre for good and have kept it up since. With numerous side projects from members, seeing Converge now becomes a special occasion.

From the moment they walked on stage and frontman Jacob Bannon began pacing back and forth the crowd knew it was time. From screaming every word, pitting, crowd surfing to fly over the barrier and land on stage, to then diving off the stage in sometimes not graceful fashions, House Of Vans knew how to show the band love. Members of the band even had curated the evening by selecting their own opening acts and doing a small art show.

With an hour set featuring hits and a constant barrage of chaos from band and crowd, House Of Vans closed the chapter for this years summer events.

We can only hope and wait to see what House Of Vans has in store for music fans next summer.


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