October 20, 2021

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Colorado based metalcore band Under Auburn Skies release their new EP ‘Invention of Reason’

Starting in the depths of Colorado inside the capital of Denver emerges a melodic metalcore band that goes by Under Auburn Skies. The band got their gears rolling in 2016 and in the following year released their debut album titled ‘Afterimage’. Under Auburn Skies released their first single ‘Perseverance’ back in the far reach of October, 2016. Under Auburn Skies has just unveiled their new EP ‘Invention of Reason’ after releasing two strong singles to build up to it. The new EP takes the Colorado based band to new heights for themselves. Fans of the respected bands As I Lay Dying, Currents, Phinehas, Polaris, and Wage War may find something to love about Under Auburn Skies. The band combines powerful verses with melodic, and catchy chorus that satisfy the listener. ‘Invention of Reason’ will take you on a five track journey showcasing one of Colorado’s up and coming acts. Under Auburn Skies has seen their fair share of member changes and hard times, and it all seemed to pay off with the release of ‘Invention of Reason’.

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