CM Punk makes long-awaited return to wrestling at sold out AEW Rampage in Chicago, IL

CM Punk has been a name that, for the last 7+ years since he left wrestling, has still been chanted in arenas on a weekly basis it seems. With the rumors circulating that he would be returning to AEW Wrestling, the only place it seemed fit for it to happen would be at the legendary United Center in his hometown of Chicago, IL. Just as AEW Rampage went live on TNT to a sold out arena, Living Colour’s “Cult Of Personality” hit, and the night became something for the history books.




As someone who was in attendance firsthand, the excitement, energy, and passion the sold out arena released the second Cult Of Personality hit was something unlike what I may ever get to witness again. This will be a moment that goes down in wrestling history. As the fans quieted to allow Punk to cut his first in ring promo where he talked about former employees who made him lose his passion, wanting to get back in the ring, AEW, and ending it by calling out Darby Allin who came out in the rafters of the arena with Sting and announced his in ring return will take place at the All Out PPV Sept. 5th.

In a post show media conference with AEW founder Tony Khan, Punk revealed that he had been in talks with Khan for over a year and a half and that his deal would be full time and long term with the company.

“Sometimes you fall out of love with stuff,” stated Punk in the media conference. “If you set something free and it comes back to you, it’s true love.” No truer words could be spoken from the man.

It should also be noted this was the first televised wrestling event since WCW in 2001 that has been held at the United Center.

You can catch AEW live on TNT every Wednesday and Friday, along with both their Youtube shows free online weekly as well.

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