November 28, 2021

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“Outlaw Industrial” pioneers CHMCL STR8JCKT discuss latest album DRK PRGRSSN and premiere visualizer for “Capesius”

“Outlaw Industrial” may not be a genre you’re familiar with…but if you like punk rock, metal, industrial and outlaw sh*t (ya know, the cool stuff…gun slinging, motorcycles, the wild west…that kind of thing), then you’re in luck – this is THE genre for you. Enterprising band CHMCL STR8JCKT (pronounced “Chemical Straight Jacket”) has been at the forefront of the movement for years, releasing albums that have as many heavy riffs as they do synth parts, with an over-the-top stage show and lyrics to tie it all together. The band just released DRK PRGRSSN; their second album with legendary LA based label Cleopatra Records and the heaviest (and most fun) batch of music from the band yet.

We’re stoked to premiere the visualizer for “Capesius” (streaming below) along with an exclusive interview with the band, right here on The New Fury!

Your latest release DRK PRGRSSN is a defining statement on your “Outlaw Industrial” sound (and a pretty awesome addition to the Cleopatra discography – congrats on that). You’ve put out a ton of music throughout the years, which tracks do you think are the best place to start for someone looking to get into your music leading up to this album, and what are your favorites on the album itself for a new listener to dig into? 
Thanks! If someone wanted to get into our ‘Outlaw Industrial vibe’ before diving into DRK PRGRSSN, 3 previous tracks come quickly to mind. From the self-titled debut album “Dressed To Kill”. It is one of the first songs we wrote and it really laid the groundwork for our fusion of genres. It’s kind of a raw blueprint that we grew from. Also from the debut “House Upon The Hill” is a great choice. It shows our groovier side and has become quite popular! My third choice would be “Black Vulture” from our second album (WRTCH THNGS). “Black Vulture” starts to show that we are comfortable writing and pushing out the boundaries. It’s the punk, metal, industrial, rock blend (with a dash of Western-vibe) that really defined “Outlaw Industrial” for us.
As far as tracks from DRK PRGRSSN, “Texas” is a great single to start with! It’s an upbeat Outlaw romp! “Capesius” (in my opinion) is the best song we’ve written….super dark, yet catchy.
How did you get started in this genre of music? We’ve heard the “industrial” genre tag added to all sorts of music but your take on it is very unique. How did you hone in on your sound, and were there any formative influences that helped you get there? 
Well, we are all avid music lovers of MANY genres. Mike is the metal guy. Ian is punk and rock. Scott is synthpop and industrial. I love industrial, rock, punk, metal, reggae and even Old country (gunslinger songs). We never wanted to say “We need to sound more industrial or more metal” etc. We all agreed to let all of these influences come through as we write. No rules….fuck genres. Our sound is an amalgam of all we listen to and love.
Sprinkle in my appetite for westerns… admiration of Nick Cave’s song writing….there you have Outlaw Industrial.
Your live show looks absolutely insane – tell us a little bit more about the experience you want to give the audience. What’s the craziest experience you guys have had doin’ the damn thing on stage? 
Ha ha! Yes, we have a blast on stage. We always felt “the show” is as important as the music. I’ve seen many bands over the years who have great music and are super-talented, but are boring as hell. We hope to stimulate your eyes, ears and imagination, too. We all agree on this ethos. We try to add visual elements to drive home our vibe….bullwhips, ox skulls, etc. We also want the audience to have fun…’s not all dark and serious.
One of the crazier things to happen to us was at a show in Long Island. For some reason, the soundboard muted all the digital instruments. We are in the middle of a song and BAM! the synths disappear…the sequencers, gone. Only the “organic” elements remained…..drums, guitar and my vocals. We just kept going and after about 20 seconds it all came back! We were thrilled that it was all perfectly on-time and flawless. It sounded rehearsed! Since then, we do that at practice to stay sharp and never rely too much on the machinery!
What’s the best part about working with the legendary Cleopatra Records?
I’ve admired the label for many, many years! Our contacts at Cleopatra are very nice and easy to work with. We have worked with them on WRTCHD THNGS and now DRK PRGRSSN.…and even our side project called Handsome Abominations. Cleopatra has taught us a lot about the crazy industry and added credibility to our releases. We are  honored to be on such a stellar roster!
Final question – describe your band in 5 words or less! 
Bad Ass Outlaw Industrial Rock
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