Children Of The Corn (2023) (Movie Review)



After a long wait, some might say sadly, the latest Children Of The Corn is out for the world to see. The 11th film in this series and 2nd time its been rebooted shows very clearly why its been delayed and held back for several years.

We start off seeing young Eden as she watches her brother emerge from the corn before going on a brief killing spree in their foster home, a spree that ends with police accidentally gassing and killing many of the children. Fast forward and Eden is now a bit more grown and seemingly has a cult of children at her helm. We also get to meet Boleyn, an older teenager who is so close to finally getting out of this dying small town to attend college. Sadly though the town is at the helm of realizing their city is dead and their corn crops are dead. Trying to stage a mock trail though Boleyn enlists Eden and her cult of kids to gather up the town and a news reporter coming in, though things soon take a bad turn.

This is where we see the first large chunk of our issues here. We are given this set up that just fails to deliver in any way. We see Boleyn and her brother have a connection at the beginning of the film then it just goes away and is treated as if they never had one. We get no explanation on why or how Eden has amassed this cult who do her bidding. There is no set up, its just there. It doesn’t help these kids talk and act far beyond their age while also seemingly having no on screen chemistry at all. Even little stuff like getting almost zero story on how Boleyns mom just isn’t doing much while her dad seemingly runs the town or why she thought a mock trail at 10pm with an out of town reporter would help is stuff that could have fleshed the story out more.

When everything does happen though and we are given our big reveal its a laughable matter at best. We are shown too much of the creature (which looks like a bad CGI Groot) and any mystery is suddenly thrown out. For a film that also boasts “Nothing Ever Dies In The Corn” we aren’t really given anything behind that given these kids go on a mass slaughter. There are so many themes here that we just aren’t ever given any input on.

With that said the film, outside the CGI, shows promise with filming. It doesn’t look too low budget visually, isn’t too dark, but the score itself doesn’t help decide what type of film it wants to be. Given the horrible dialog often as well Kate Moyer as Eden shines as the bright point of the film.

Overall this is just another fumbled attempt in this franchise. What premise it could have instead just gets tossed aside for a plot that goes no where and bad CGI. I get they tried to make this different and it seemingly went through hell to come out but maybe this is one thing that should have died in the corn.


Score :

1 / 5


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