Chicago rock band Legacy At Heart show their true talent with their new album “RE•BIRTH”

This shining rock group from the heart of Illinois known as Legacy At Heart first rose from the depths in 2014. Legacy At Heart showcased a talent for an atmospheric experience inside their rooted rock sound. The Chicago based group takes alternative rock and knocks it out of the park with ambient verses with proper build up to showstopping choruses paired with impeccable songwriting. Legacy At Heart has been building up to the release of their long anticipated sophomore album titled “RE•BIRTH”. Jam packed with 10 high quality tracks Legacy At Heart takes it to the next level compared to their debut album “Faces”. Legacy At Heart started to show their cards with the release of singles like “Deathbed”, after that we knew we were in for a good ride, and the anticipation grew. Full of memorable moments within the verses and choruses the band really takes you for a ride you soon won’t forget. “RE•BIRTH” can stand with the big boys of the genre, and would fit right in. Since their birth in 2014 Legacy At Heart has crafted music from their heart and it shows to this day with their latest release.


Legacy At Heart has showcased some true talent with their new record, “RE•BIRTH”, and their unique and genre-driven take on the alternative rock genre is nothing short of a diamond example. Surviving over seven years we can expect more from these guys in the future.


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