Chicago kicks off their weekend with Enter Shikari during a sold out intimate show (Show Review)

Enter Shikari made Chicago feel special during their short US tour for “A Kiss For The Whole World”. With only a handful of US dates happening, most in smaller venues than the band would normally play, fans got to be up close and sweaty for a night they won’t forget.

Kicking off the night was Chicagos own Fluorescents with their mix of post hardcore / pop punk. The crowd was into them from the start and they helped kick the place into gear bringing nonstop energy during their 30 minute set.  Kicking through a set of original songs and a cover of 24kGoldns “Mood”, the band made a room of new fans for sure. Warming up the crowd isn’t the easiest thing but with people moshing and crowd surfing for the band it won’t be shocking to see Fluorescents headlining Bottomlounge soon.

Next up was the moment the crowd was on edge for. Enter Shikari walked on stage and broke right into “(pls) set me on fire” off their latest album “A Kiss For The Whole World”. Calling this crowd anything less than ravenous would be an understatement. This was a room full of die hards who lived and breathed for the band and were ready to give them their all.

Seeing the band kick into “System…” a cappella style where the crowd screamed each word louder than vocalist Rou Reynolds could was something that even made security stand back in awe taking their phones out to record the moment. It was clear the band has transcended into a movement for these fans of all ages that had come for this special night. On the barrier there was even a child who could be no more than 8 or 9 years old with a handmade sign telling the band they were his favorite and its moments like that which really show the emotions and feelings a band can have on people.

With an extended set of 22 songs spanning the bands career fans were given hits and deep cuts throughout never fading in their willingness to sing along, crowd surf, or mosh. All we can hope is that this won’t be the last time Enter Shikari visits The Windy City in 2023.


Photo Gallery : Enter Shikari – Bottomlounge (05.05.2023)


Photo Gallery : Fluorescents – Bottomlounge (05.05.2023)

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