November 28, 2021

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Chicago hardcore band Through N Through debuts official video for new song, “Resolute” (TNF Premiere)

Do you like the spirit and energy of hardcore? Do you also like riffs, moshing, and more riffs? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’re stoked to team up with Chicago hardcore band Through N Through for the premiere of their new song (and video) for “Resolute”. The band’s new single arrives as the first single off their upcoming full-length album, due out late in September, along with a string of tour dates you can find below as well.

Through N Through September/October tour dates:

Fri. 9/20 -Chicago, IL
Sat. 9/21 -Milwaukee, WI
Sun. 9/22 -Grand Rapids, MI
Sat. 9/28 – St. Louis, MO
Sun. 9/29 – Columbia, MO
Mon. 9/30 – OKC
Tues. 10/1 – Dallas, TX
Wed. 10/2 – San Antonio, TX
Thurs. 10/3 – Amarillo, TX
Fri. 10/4 – Albuquerque, NM
Sat. 10/5 – Denver, CO
Sun. 10/6 – Salt Lake City, UT
Mon. 10/7 – Pocatello, ID
Tues. 10/8 – Reno, NV
Wed. 10/9 – San Diego, CA
Thurs. 10/10 – Los Angeles, CA
Fri. 10/11 – San Francisco, CA
Sat. 10/12 – Portland, OR
Sun. 10/13 – Seattle, WA
Mon. 10/14 – Spokane, WA
Tues. 10/15 – Butte, MT
Wed. 10/16 – Fargo, ND
Thurs. 10/17 – Minneapolis, MN
Fri. 10/18 – Des Moines, IA

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