December 9, 2021

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Chelsea Grin vocalist Tom Barber won’t be playing shows where the COVID-19 vaccine is required

With the Delta variant of COVID-19 now seeing cases spring up, many bands are wisely urging their followers to get vaccinated – Movements and Silent Planet are just two of the notable names doing that. With the live music industry severely hurt since the beginning of last year, another setback could put the livelihoods of developing bands at serious financial risk with any kind of tour cancellations.

That isn’t the case for every band, unfortunately. Chelsea Grin + Darko vocalist Tom Barber was pretty blunt about his feelings on many music venues and states that are requiring the vaccine – namely, that he won’t play anywhere where said vaccine is required, in a now-deleted Instagram story. One wonders how bands that Barber tours with will be affected by this opinion, considering that most bands would also like touring to get back to normal. Not to mention international touring, where many countries require proof of vaccination.

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