Check Out Up-and-Coming Shoegaze Savants, Muted Color

There is a massive list of smaller bands that are still in their local phase that are doing everything right but haven’t been elevated to stardom. High on that list for me is Muted Color, a Chicago-based Shoegaze/Dream-Pop band that has a powerful, refined sound. Being based in the same area, I have had the pleasure of discovering the band in their early-goings, as they only have an EP to their name so far.

2019’s Pastel saw the band display strong knowledge of the genre, concocting a perfect mix of eclectic tracks like “Glued to the Floor” with sentimental, slow songs like “Sunshine (Moonlight)”. The replayability for this EP is massive, as each song is as catchy as the last, making for a rare release where one can easily play it front-to-back with no temptation to skip. The band exhibits true artistry as they also provide listeners with gorgeous album art and incredible aesthetics in their videos.

The band is gearing up to release new music, which I have had the privilege to get an early listen to; it is some of their best work yet. Muted Color’s ability to evoke emotions I haven’t felt in months/years is impressive. Well thought-out lyrics accompany meaningful instrumentals, making for a unique listening experience. Fans of Turnover, Title Fight, and Hundredth will love Muted Color. Do yourself a favor and discover the band before they become something big, and keep your eyes out for new music to release in the coming months!


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