September 24, 2023

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Caustic Waves exceeds expectations with new EP, ‘Full Circle’

DIY ethic reigns supreme for Caustic Waves, the project of Scotland’s Neil Thomas. With all the bands carving out a name in the alt-rock/shoegaze/alt-metal scene, one that involves bands like Narrow Head, Fleshwater, and countless others, Neil manages to create music while also being a father, which is even more impressive. The new Caustic Waves EP, Full Circle, absolutely goes in though.

In fact, it’s actually quite impressive how good AND unique this EP sounds. While it’s somewhat obvious where the influences come from, it’s an interesting alt-rock/post-hardcore hybrid that is also vocally-driven. “Regenerate” might be the catchiest of the bunch, with more melody-driven song structures and vocals helping the song make an impact. And the thing about this EP is that it has a wide-ranging appeal, from alt-rock fans to even heavier metalcore fans (even though the album is decidedly not metalcore). In other words, get this EP on your radar, and fast.

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