Hardcore veterans Rotting Out emerge with first new album in 7 years, “Ronin” (Review)

SoCal Hardcore legends Rotting Out are back with their first album since 2013. With their brand of fast-paced punk, they’re essential listening for those attuned to chaotic digs and an in-your-face attitude. Between the high BPM and shrill vocals, adrenaline is sure to kick in after each listening from the act. Pumping out music since…

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Charmer – Ivy Review

The newest wave of emo bands has taken the music scene by storm. Greats like Tiger’s Jaw, Pity Sex, and Tiny Moving Parts make being sad as relatable as possible through this outlet. While some efforts may come off cheesy, others, like Charmer, are able to evoke emotion with a perturbed vibe exuded through each…

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