March 4, 2024

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Carnifex teams up with Adam Warren of Oceano on an updated version of “Lie To My Face”

An iconic death metal band took the metal world by storm in the late 2000s, and that band is Carnifex. One of death metal giant’s most popular songs has had a revitalization for 2022! Carnifex gained massive popularity with the release of their 2007 debut album Dead In My Arms, which just turned 15 years old. The album featured popular songs like ‘Slit Wrist Savior’, ‘Hope Dies With The Decadent’, and finally ‘Lie To My Face’. The latter became one of their most popular songs, becoming a staple of the genre Carnifex inhabits. Their debut album is looked back on very fondly by a lot of metalheads. Carnifex has decided to revamp their classic heavy hitter with a modern take and a nice surprise! Carnifex has teamed up with Oceano‘s Adam Warren to help bring ‘Lie To My Face’ to the modern era, and it is always great to hear anything new from Adam. The new song was released today after very little teasing by the band. This is the band’s first release since the release of their 2021 album ‘Graveside Confessions’ which boasted an impressive five-teen track-list, with all of them being given care and attention. Carnifex and Oceano have been juggernauts of the genre for years, and it’s truly remarkable to have a revision of ‘Lie To My Face’ with Adam!

We did add all the little squeals, pinches and dive bombs I do live. Recorded it on a barely working laptop in Scott’s studio shed at his house states Cory Arford, guitarist for Carnifex. Cory went on to say, Actually, we did the whole graveside album on a shitty HP laptop with my Kemper. giving us some insights on the band’s latest release and how they’re able to produce their own high-quality sound.

Carnifex is about to embark on their DEAD IN MY ARMS 15 years anniversary tour with SPITE, Oceano, Left To Suffer, and Crown Magnetar!


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