December 6, 2023

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Cardijum has released their heavy hitting self-titled EP

Forming in the late half of 2019, Cardijum has set quite the stage for themselves for themselves with impressive singles that have led to the release of the bands first EP. Cardijum has finally unveiled their debut self-titled EP to the world. Cardijum really goes above and beyond on their debut EP. The band is a heavy hitting deathcore group that has showcased themselves very well in terms of their songwriting. This EP is a strong start to Cardijum’s musical journey. Facing the challenges that come with living in 2020, Cardijum has adapted themselves to reaching their fans in effective ways.

The 4 track EP contains some of the most refreshing deathcore I’ve heard in quite some time. Cardijum does a great job at emphasizing parts of a song that should have that extra hit to them, and they do this very well. The self-title EP manages to have a dark, eerie atmosphere orbit the record throughout the duration. Cardijum is off to a compelling start, and I’m very keen to see how this group evolves and pushes their career forward moving on.  The newly spawned group has a impressive sound and quality execution in both their music, and their image. Add Cardijum’s new EP to your playlists here!

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