February 27, 2024

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Captain Graveyard pokes fun at scene culture in her new song “Spooky Roses”

Captain Graveyard has always been a artist that knows how to have fun, and do it very well. Captain Graveyard rose in the scene with their electronic and post-hardcore combo, mixed with satirical lyrics that are pretty clever in all honesty. Captain Graveyard has just released her new song “Spooky Roses” featuring Kmac2021, and it is done in classic Captain Graveyard musical fashion. She really goes above and beyond with this track with the instrumentation execution paired with clever songwriting. The lyrics are just as we expect from her, but yet refined and even offers even more chuckles. “Spooky Roses” pokes at the punk scene and the culture around it, while at the same time criticizing its biggest controversies with a line that reads “Another day, another sexual allegation”. All too relevant, sadly.

Captain Graveyard has done it again with her unique spin on the early 2010s phases
of metalcore. We are always excited for new Captain Graveyard and this doesn’t disappoint.

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