December 6, 2023

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Canadian metal band All Else Fails tackle mental illness on new video for “Devour The Sun”

Having recently released their EP The Incident At Black Lake, Canadian metal band All Else Fails have certainly been around a while. Their brand of progressive-leaning metal includes prominent death metal and melodic metal influences in equal measure, and it’s clear the band is quite skilled at what they do. One of those “there’s something for everyone” descriptors, at least if you’re into heavier and technical metal.

Anyway, the band’s newest EP now has a music video for “Devour The Sun”, which clocks in at almost 9 minutes. Definitely worth the watch – its video is cinematic in nature and is also a great introduction to the band as a whole. With 15+ years of experience under their collective belts, it’s not like the band has a ton to prove, but their new material continues to exceed expectations. We’re stoked to bring you the video for “Devour The Sun” below.

Vocalist/guitarist Barrett Klesko details the track and its harrowing tale, saying:

“A child from a beautiful nameless place travels across existence. It was born in warmth and life, from an engine of creation, and its only need is to share who it is with whatever it comes in contact with. The child drifts, older now, and comfortable at first to be pulled along by the forces around it, buffeted across the ether, fulfilled by the simple act of experience. Over time, however, discontent begins to grow. Who was it? There must be a purpose beyond drifting endlessly in the black. Its questions turn to screams and cries in the heavens, but the black has no answers. Eventually, devoid of solace, its voice becomes quiet and its mind despondent. Musically this song follows an unconventional narrative. It ebbs and flows, thrash riffs turn to piano-esque clean parts. Soaring melodies devolve into full-bodied guttural torment before becoming ethereal whispers.”

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