February 27, 2024

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California-based metalcore band Cultist take us into 2022 with their new song “And I Break”

Cultist is one of those metalcore gems that come from the West Coast. The band has a pretty impressive catalog under them in terms of quality. Cultist made an entry with their debut EP “The Preacher”, which at the time I was really impressed with at my first listen though back a few years ago. Cultist is like an artform mixing metalcore and hardcore pretty seamlessly into their own style. Cultist shined again in 2021 with their album “An Observation Of Grief”. Leaning on the shorter side of the album length with only twenty-two minutes of material, and seven heavy hitting tracks, em>Cultist really knocked it out of the park with the album with every track being memorable for good reasons. The California metalcore up and comers even closed 2021 off on a strong note with two single releases towards the end of the year. Cultist are continuing the quality streak with their new release “And I Break”! Cultist premiered the new song via Slam Worldwide recently with a music video done by Tabatha Whiteside. The song features Matthew McNamara of As Lions and Lambs and his feature is a nice touch to an already well done piece of music. Cultist is really bringing their A game with their releases. If you’re a fan of either hardcore or metalcore give these guys a spin!

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