Buddy Guy braves the heat to bring “Damn Right Farewell Tour” to Ravinia Festival (Show Review)

On a hot Wednesday evening where temperatures during the day with heat index were crossing 110 degrees, Buddy Guy packed the Ravinia in Highland Park, IL for a stop on his “Damn Right Farewell Tour”.

Kicking off this evening, which ended being more of a co-headline deal almost, was jazz legend George Benson. The 10 time Grammy winner and Hollywood Star Of Fame having act made 80 look young as he commanded the stage. Blasting through a set featuring covers and original songs he made his 75 minutes flow through quickly.

He didn’t take all the spot light though as he featured his band not only in introductions into the encore but with their own moments including his percussionist Lilliana De Los Reyes taking front and center for vocals on a song. Fans were dancing up and down the aisles and all in their seats as Benson made fans forget the heat for a bit and get lost in the music.

Closing the night though was someone who needs no introduction. The man is a legend in Blues music, has influenced pretty much every big guitarist ever, has played the White House, and runs one of the most respected Blues clubs in the country. On his “Damn Right Farewell Tour” fans were packed into the venue for what may be their last chance to see him, as when he appears at his club here tickets can go instantly.

Blasting through a 75 minute set, Guy ran through songs spacing them out at times to add solos, do some light crowd work, or bust through a quick few one liners and add some of his personal thoughts into the mix. Even at 87 Buddy Guy played with all the heart in the world as his backing band brought along jam after jam. Even if this may be his last tour you’d never guess it based on just how happy and lively he is on stage.

For those who have never seen him, now is possibly your final chance unless you get lucky to catch him in your club. This is one act you don’t want to miss because the hype doesn’t even match just how great he is.


Photo Gallery : Buddy Guy – Ravinia Festival (08.23.2023)


Photo Gallery : George Benson – Ravinia Festival (08.23.2023)

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