October 16, 2021

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Broadside dives “Into the Raging Sea” with third LP (review)

Broadside, 2020

I’ve been on board for everything SharpTone Records has had on their roster. They’re one of my favorite current labels, and I’m always thrilled to see a name I’m not familiar with, as it’s almost a guarantee of a high-quality outfit. My prior knowledge of Broadside is miniscule, but I am excited to welcome another pop punk band to my eardrums as Into the Raging Sea is the topic of discussion today.

We kick right off with “The Raging Sea,” cleverly opening with, “36 minutes of your time, please just let me change your mind.” Broadside establishes their sad, yearning tone in this impressive first track that’s bursting with angst in its climax. Leading single “Foolish Believer” comes next, with an urgency of relevancy in one’s life backed by a solid instrumental.

“Overdramatic” is an emphatic address to toxicity, with complex guitars in the verse and a memorable chorus for a non-single. Conversely, “Nights Alone” is a romantic delve that could be the anthem of healthy relationships everywhere, with a subtle synth adding to the compassion within the track.

The undoubted biggest song on Into the Raging Sea, “Heavenly” is sure to pull prospective Broadside fans (like it did me) in for the ride. The summer chorus of 2020, this celebration of a companion is divine, one that’s going to stick in heads for years to come. The hyper-relevancy in the lyric “They say the worst is over, but how the fuck would they know?” reeled me in to this soft, introspective piece that spends a lot of time in falsetto.

Broadside revealed the tracklist for Into the Raging Sea on their socials previously and asked fans which song they were most excited for based on title alone. “Dancing on the Ceiling (With You)” got a lot of attention, and the end result delivers another upbeat, feel-good offering opting for the achievement of contentment as the lyrical theme.

“Seasons” retains the good-vibes lyrical approach with another profound instrumental backing. “Breathe You In,” which shares a song title with similar act Trophy Eyes, hones on cherishing a partner’s company, and layers guitar riffs very well within its bridge.

On the downswing, “The Setting Sun” is a moral quandary with Broadside peeking into minor key everywhere but the chorus. Closing out, “Burning at Both Ends” brings the piano in for a somber record closer to tug at the heartstrings.

Into the Raging Sea is the album the world needs right now. It’s well-crafted pop punk that gives Broadside their own identity, and is a beacon of positivity when everything feels glum. While it isn’t for everyone, it’s a breath of fresh air, to be sure. Broadside’s Into the Raging Sea releases this Friday, July 24th.

Rating: 9/10

A press copy of Into the Raging Sea was provided courtesy of Big Picture Media.

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