September 27, 2021

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British post-rock band Coldbones release new teaser for upcoming album, “The Cataclysm”

One of our favorite releases of 2018, Coldbones’ debut album Where It All Began helped launch the UK-based post-rock trio into the public consciousness with a rock solid debut. Two years later, the band is back The Cataclysm, their sophomore full-length, which promises to be even more exciting. If you like anything remotely related to bands like Russian Circles and Caspian, or post-rock/shoegaze in general, you’ll want to get this band on your radar pronto. The band has an album teaser for the upcoming record, which you can view below as well.

Releasing on 17th April 2020 via Dunk! Records, Coldbones’ forthcoming studio offering follows their 2018 debut Where It All Began, which saw high praise upon release. Now, Coldbones seek to present an intensely dynamic journey of musicianship with ‘The Cataclysm’, wrapped around a conceptual masterpiece that promises – quite literally – to destroy the world as we know it.

Described by the Kent-based trio as “a fatalist portrait”, each of the album’s ten tracks will serve as interconnecting pieces of a larger picture that offers the listener nothing less than a front-row seat to the end of the world.

“The Cataclysm presents a fictional take on two catastrophic events. The album draws inspiration from past catastrophes as well as works of fiction from various sources”, explains the band on their forthcoming epic.

“we explored a reality where chaos and destruction consumed everything and everyone, in the form of two catastrophic events – The Flooding of the World and The Burning of the Earth. As fire rains from the sky and sea levels rise, the airwaves are polluted with disturbance signals of the few that remain.”

Complimenting Coldbones’ expansive and world-ending brand of prog-infused instrumental post-rock, artist Alice Urbino captures the devastation of ‘The Cataclysm’ perfectly with the album’s cover art. As fire and brimstone pour relentlessly from a charred and blackened sky, a seductive landscape of barren mountains and hills mirrors the haunted nothingness that Coldbones envisions will replace our bustling, noisy existence at the end of days. Capturing a living, breathing snapshot of the end of everything we know and love from every angle possible, Coldbones’ ‘The Cataclysm’ promises to be an irresistibly bleak, wholly fascinating and entirely engulfing experience from start to finish.

Coldbones second studio album ‘The Cataclysm’ will release on 17th April 2020 via Dunk! Records. The band will release the album’s first single on 12th March 2020.

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