August 17, 2022

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Bring Me The Horizon’s Oliver Sykes takes notice of Lorna Shore, teases possible collaboration

The success of Lorna Shore over the last few months – both virally and critically – has not gone unnoticed. Both with the extreme metal band’s new EP and specifically the “To The Hellfire” single (which is closing in on 5 million Spotify streams – a huge number for a band like this), the roar of new vocalist Will Ramos has also been a major catalyst. A Perfect storm, of sorts, considering the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every band in some fashion.

Now, it seems Lorna Shore is getting some attention from sources they may not have thought possible – the vocalist of one of the biggest bands in the scene right now.

That vocalist is none other than Bring Me The Horizon’s Oliver Sykes, who commented on a recent Will Ramos IG post – setting both fanbases into a frenzy. It’s quite likely that Sykes saw Ramos’s recent vocal cover of BMTH’s “Pray For Plagues”, which has clocked in at 125k views on YouTube in just two weeks.

While it’s unknown what Sykes’ comment of “next year” means, it could possibly mean a collaboration between the two is in the cards. Or maybe a tour? Cross your fingers.

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