October 19, 2021

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Bring Me The Horizon fan releases new “Deathcore Medley” mashup, featuring 11 of their best-known songs

Bring Me The Horizon need no introduction at this point, but the British band have never been bigger than they are right now. Longtime fans of the band know, however, that they’ve undergone multiple transformations in between album cycles.

A pretty neat medley of the band’s various eras surfaced last year, thanks to the mind of Invisible Labyrinth Productions – AKA Lucas McCaffrey. If you missed the first one, you’re in luck – the sequel involves more of the band’s earlier deathcore material, found on their 2006 debut album Count Your Blessings. However, it also covers the band’s more recent material. Give it a spin below, it’s pretty neat stuff!

1. Shadow Moses / Go to Hell for Heaven’s Sake
2. Sleep With One Eye Open / Wonderful Life
3. Dear Diary,
4. No Need for Introductions
5. Slater
6. Visions
7. Parasite Eve
8. Chelsea Smile / Oh No / Virtual Therapy
9. Traitors Never Play Hangman / Run
10. Antivist
11. Liquor & Love Lost
Additional samples from: Blasphemy, Ouch, A Devastating Liberation

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