March 4, 2024

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Bring Me The Horizon expands their sonic palette with new single, “Ludens” – listen

Having just released their new album amo at the beginning of 2019, Bring Me The Horizon’s new era has seen the band enter uncharted waters with credits on a video game soundtrack. Unsurprisingly, it arrives on Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding soundtrack – who’s also responsible for groundbreaking games like Metal Gear Solid. Astute fans of both Kojima and Bring Me The Horizon have likely noticed that the band’s huge 2013 single “Shadow Moses” reflects the love BMTH have for the games Kojima has created over the years, and fittingly, their new single “Ludens” explores the sonic evolution the band has touted recently.

Notably, the song is a new track that the band recorded for the soundtrack of Hideo Kojima’s new game Death Stranding, which had all the rollout of a Hollywood blockbuster movie. It’s also not the last bit of new music we’ll see from the band, as Bring Me The Horizon are eyeing a shorter series of records next year. BMTH’s Oliver Sykes told NME this in a recent interview.

“We’ve got plans, definitely. ‘Ludens’ will be the first song you hear from the new record. We’re not going to do an album again, maybe ever. We’re thinking about doing shorter records. I don’t want to say we’re going to do something and not live up to it, but the plan is to release multiple records next year.”

If anything, that probably accounts for the band’s continued evolution. Interestingly, “Ludens” was recorded in under a week – which makes the possibility of faster, less sporadic BMTH material an exciting prospect for all.

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