February 1, 2023

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Brendan Murphy (Counterparts, END) and Comeback Kid pay tribute to Misery Signals with cover of “The Year Summer Ended In June”

Few albums in metalcore can profess to be as influential as Misery Signals’ debut album, Of Malice And The Magnum Heart. Released in 2004, the album deserved much more commercial success than it got, but its heavy, emotional take on the genre has influences countless bands over the years – including many still forming today. It’s just that good.

And while Misery Signals may not have actually been able to perform at Furnace Fest like they wanted to, the next best thing happened over the weekend – Comeback Kid and Counterparts // END vocalist Brendan Murphy took on a cover of their fan favorite song “The Year Summer Ended In June”. As Murphy’s noted many times over the year, Misery Signals is a huge influence on Counterparts, so it checks out. Speaking of Furnace Fest, there will be a 2022 edition of the festival, so maybe we’ll actually get Misery Signals to come out for this one for real. It no doubt has to be a huge honor for Murphy to play with some of his biggest influences, as well.

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