Bound In Fear release their brutal new song ‘Beyond The Mire’ – listen!

In 2016 a metal band rose from the ashes that became known as Bound In Fear. This heavy hitting group first released their debut EP titled ‘Regicide‘ via Chugcore and this began the group’s upward momentum. Bound In Fear caught the attention of Unique Leader Records and was signed onto the label for their debut album release. Bound In Fear locked themselves away to begin working on their label debut which became known as ‘The Hand of Violence’. Bound In Fear really showcased their true ability in their debut album, showing they had depth to their music both lyrically and in terms of songwriting. Bound In Fear base themselves in UK and mainland Europe, and have claimed a spot among the heaviest bands in the metal industry. The boys are back with a strong new release ‘Beyond The Mire’, which is connected to the string of singles the group has released lately. The band has an unmatched groove about them that keeps on evolving with each release – in their new strings of release like ‘Beyond The Mire’, ‘Penance’, and ‘Scar of Man’ have taken that to the next level.  Bound In Fear have been on quite the streak lately this year with their EP release and now these strings of heavy hitting singles. ‘Beyond The Mire’ is taken from Bound In Fear’s upcoming sophomore album titled ‘Penance’. The song comes packed with a very well produced music video and a new drummer introduction.



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