Boston band Sounds & Scenarios release vulnerable pop-punk track “Pink Lighter”

Boston emo group Sounds & Scenarios started off as a solo project in 2015 and have since released a steady stream of singles and EPs and rounded out with a full band lineup. Their reputation locally as a rowdy live act led to their tagline, “sad songs to stage dive to”, and today they dropped a new single that will be the perfect addition to their future setlists. “Pink Lighter” is a vulnerable pop-punk track that builds a story out of the feelings that a simple object can elicit when it’s left behind by someone who is now gone.

Sounds & Scenarios shared that, “‘Pink Lighter’ has been in the works since 2018. It started out as an idea that was very slowly sketched out on and off, finally being finished up last year around the time we wrapped up our last EP. It’s about a love that flamed out too soon, and how it’s hard to cope with the changes. We hope that our fans can resonate with it and love it as much as we do.”

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