October 3, 2022

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The Big Orlando: Bands To Watch

The big orlando

2014 is bringing something new to Orlando, FL, “The Big Orlando” music festival”. The festival will be headlined by some of the biggest names in alternative rock, such as Fall Out Boy, Weezer, Young The Giant and The Dirty Heads. It will also feature some very promising up and comers such as Twin Atlantic, New Politics, Bear Hands, Big Data and more. The event will take place on Sunday, December 7th in Orlando at the Central Florida Fairgrounds.

Some of our writers put together their lists of their top 3 must-watch bands for this year’s Big Orlando festival, check them out after the jump.

Brandon Bradley:

1)New Politics – It’s only fitting these guys are playing on this festival, they have been blowing up over the last year and a half, and rightfully so. I first discovered these guys at the “Backyard BBQ” festival in St Pete, FL, they were opening up for Coheed & Cambria and Twenty One Pilots, and while I truthfully wasn’t expecting much, I was pleasantly surprised. New Politics are one step away from being a front runner and face for alternative music for years to come. I saw them again recently opening up the Monumentor, and they completely out-staged both bands they were opening for (in my opinion). If there is one band I recommend for everyone to check out at this year’s The Big Orlando festival, it’s definitely New Politics.

2)Bear Hands – I had heard so much about these guys, but had somehow never given them a listen. Out of all of the bands playing the Next Big Orlando I’ve never seen live before, I am most excited to check these guys. My favorite thing I’ve found about this band, is that I can’t compare them to anyone. More times than not, you can listen to a band for thirty seconds and be able to say that they sound like this band, or that band, but this time I’m having trouble with that, which is a great thing. I personally can’t wait to experience Bear Hands live at the fest, I hope to see you all there.

3)Young The Giant – Just like with Bear Hands, I had been hearing so much about these guys but for whatever reason never took the time to check them out (I suppose I should stop doing that, yes?) , but after recently seeing them open up for Kings Of Leon on tour, I definitely understood the major hype. I’ve always seen these guys labeled as an indie/alternative band, but to me they’re so incredibly unique, I couldn’t possibly put them into a single box. They bring a much more heavy and intimate mood to their live setting, which is something I found very interesting, and it fit perfectly into the entire showcase. Young The Giant are at the forefront for alternative music for a reason, you’d be a fool to skip out on these guys at the festival.

Vince Bellino:

1)The Dirty Heads – The Dirty Heads are just one of those bands that everyone feels good listening to. The group’s blend of reggae, hip-hop, and ska is sure to be a crowd pleaser for everyone in attendance.

2)Twin Atlantic – Twin Atlantic is definitely one of indie rock’s most impressive bands right now. Dirty, riff-driven guitar playing and layered vocals are sure to stand out in the band’s set.

3)Sleeper Agent – Sleeper Agent- The alt-rock sextet was one of Rolling Stone’s bands to watch in 2011 and it’s still true. Sleeper Agent is a must see at Big Orlando.

Sarah Gordon:

1)A Hero’s Fate – As a Floridian I have seen many lineups for The Big O(rlando) come and go. This year I am very excited that some of my good friends in A Hero’s Fate were added to the lineup. They are full of catchy lyrics and pack so much energy into a performance that you can’t help but watch them. Definitely a good time for anyone who loves pop punk music.

2)Twin Atlantic – I would also highly suggest checking out Twin Atlantic. They are a Scottish Alt/Rock band that has been tearing up the BBC Radio charts and now are making their way across the pond to show the US what they are all about.

3)New Politics – And the last band that filled in my Top 3 bands to watch would be New Politics. This 3 piece have been blowing up the radio stations and showing fans what they are all about. I have sadly never seen them but I have only hear great stories about their live shows and after watching a few videos they are definitely on my top list of bands to see before the end of this year. Check out their song, “Everywhere I Go” and see what they are all about. Trust me, it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Tickets are available now – http://thebigorlando.com/

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