Berried Alive announces fifth album, “The Mixgrape”, releasing July 9th

Berried Alive, the husband-wife metal duo of Charles and Kaylie Caswell, have announced their fifth album, The Mixgrape.

Hot off the heels of 2020’s Fuego, Berried Alive turned quite a few heads earlier this year when legendary guitarist Tom Morello retweeted a snippet of Charles’ playthrough of single “Blood Orange” that featured visceral, intense skills to garner thousands of new listeners. Virtuosos like this are a rare breed, and nary do we see them put out as much content as this.

Berried Alive have been steadily releasing songs at almost one track a month – the work ethic from the group is undeniable. The Mixgrape collects all of these singles and will have some new songs in “Strawberry Serenity”, “Starfishman”, and “Post Office”. New song “Heavy Blanket” is now listenable on Bandcamp and should get a more comprehensive release very soon.

This pair of artists have expanded past just playing their own rendition of insane technical metal – Berried Alive is now a brand of clothing with more unique merch than the standard band has. Whether it’s a limited-run beanie in just about any color, a luxurious bomber jacket, or an all-over crewneck/jogger, time and effort is equally spent in making Berried Alive as recognizable by sound as it is a style.

The Mixgrape releases July 9th, 2021. Pre-orders are now live alongside a large merch drop here!

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