May 25, 2024

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Beartooth Release New Song “Loser” Off Upcoming Album


Beartooth has been working really hard with creating new music. They recently released to the world their official music video for “Loser” from the album Aggressive. Their new album is expected to be available June 3rd of 2016. Both “Loser” and “Aggressive” seem to be uplifting and pointing out encouragement to be yourself no matter what society or others say.

“Loser” is about trying to fit into a society that you’re not a part of. Often at times, the losers that people look upon are the different kids. This doesn’t mean that being different isn’t okay, it’s just that the bystanders who judge simply don’t understand you as a person. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. This song is truly beautiful in what it stands for lyrically.

“Aggressive” reminds me more of their “Disgusting” album sound; although, “Loser” doesn’t. I can tell the “Aggressive” album is going to be totally awesome when available to the world.

To preorder their new album releasing on June 3rd and check out tour dates visit this website: Official Beartooth



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