Band Of The Week: Amaranthe


This week’s band of the week topic will be focusing on Swedish/Danish metal band, Amaranthe.

It’s a rare and special thing to come across a band that truly sounds unlike anything else you’ve ever heard, and Amaranthe hit the head on the nail perfectly. First and foremost, Amaranthe are unique in the sense that they have three lead vocalists, all of which bring a completely different sense of approach to the music, which evidently strengthens and gives them a fuller sound.

I first discovered this band a little over two years ago, a friend of mine had sent me a link to their song “Hunger” from their self titled album. At first I wasn’t sure what to think, the band has it’s obvious roots in the Gothenburg metal scene, but while incorporating a pop-like and fantasy based influence that really makes them stand out.

Amaranthe released their debut self titled album back in 2011 which quickly caught attention, songs such as “Hunger”, “Leave Everything Behind” and “1,000,000 Light-Years” lures you in early on and keeps you interested, while song like “Automatic” and “Call Out My Name” will have everyone singing along to every word. My personal favorite song on the album is without a doubt the title track “Amaranthe”, the track features one of the most beautifully haunting vocal performances from Elize Ryd, who Is shaping to be one of the absolute finest female vocalists in rock and metal music.

The band put out their second full length album entitled “The Nexus” just over a year ago now, which brings a much heavier, more raw approach than with their previous release. “The Nexus” picks up right where the band left off, while incorporating more guitar solos and duel harmonies, giving the album an even more epic build than before.

Amaranthe are on their way to becoming one of the best bands in the scene, with two incredible full lengths under their belt and another one in the works, it won’t take much more to push them to the top. The band have recently announced plans to tour the US in support of Within Temptation, tour dates can be found on the band’s website. –

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