September 16, 2021

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Review: Aversions Crown – “Hell Will Come For Us All”

Aversions Crown is a band that has made quite the notable impact in their respective music scene since their inception. Aversions Crown caught the attention of industry leaders in the metal scene known as Nuclear Blast with their self-tilted demo they recorded and released in 2009. Eventually everything fell into place for the Australian deathcore band and they signed to the label! Their debut album ‘Servitude’ released globally in 2011 with rerecorded versions of songs taken from their demo EP, and thus began the journey for Aversions Crown. Fast forward to 2020 with 3 albums under their belt and their newest album Hell Will Come For Us All coming out June 12th, that’s tomorrow! Aversions Crown has went through another vocalist change, however this time, a lot more than just the vocals changed. The lyrical theme, styling, image, and overall atmosphere has changed.

The upcoming nine track album “Hell Will Come For Us All” will be a staple in the band’s career no doubt, the dramatic shift in style made sure of that. Aversions Crown took the more streamline deathcore style this time around, transforming their usual tech-death influence into a brute powerhouse that comes for the throat. The new sound comes close in comparison with bands like Fit For An Autopsy, and Thy Art Is Murder but still holding that power, versatile guitar work and heavy hitting percussion that Aversions Crown has carried with each album. I do want to note, that Aversions Crown shares the same label with the aforementioned bands. Aversions Crown may have went through quite a change but make no mistake, they have improved upon their overall technicality, heavy hitting vocals, and the layers of depth to their music.

‘Hell Will Come For Us All’ tackles a much darker lyrical theme compared to their alien related lyrics in all of their previous material. The songs ‘Scourge of Violence’, ‘Sorrow Never Sleeps’, and ‘Born In The Gutter’ really stick out to me in terms of my favorites off the album. Those 3 songs can be used to define the overall direction and technicality of the record. Aversions Crown took a big risk with this album and decided to shake things up not only for the fans but for themselves as well. The aliens have finally landed on Earth and they brought Hell with them. Hell Will Come For Us All shows a very diverse, and a very real Aversions Crown.

New Fury rating: 8/10

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