September 19, 2021

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Australia’s Alpha Wolf hit hard on new track, “Akudama”, detail upcoming new album

Australian metalcore band Alpha Wolf have become one of the bigger names in the scene as of late, and fans have been clamoring for new material. Well, the wait is over. Alpha Wolf have premiered an incendiary new song, “Akudama”, off their upcoming sophomore album, a quiet place to die. “This song is me flicking the dirt off my shoulders, planting my feet in the ground and flying a bird in the face of anyone who doesn’t think I should be here”, explains the bands lead vocalist, Lochie Keogh. a quiet place to die will be available for pre-order this Friday. Stream the video, with visuals by Third Eye Visuals, below.

An iron will is only ever hardened within the forge, and Australia’s fastest rising metalcore act Alpha Wolf have proven they are made of sterner stuff. The five-piece bared their teeth in 2019 with the release of their EP Fault in joint partnership with Greyscale Records and SharpTone Records, it became a line in the sand that set expectations for all that would follow.

The band played sold out shows across Australia both headlining, and in support of acts such as Polaris and August Burns Red; as well as a slew of international tours across Asia, Europe, and even dipping their toes in to the American market.

If Fault was the line in the sand however, Alpha Wolf desired to make their mark permanent, something etched in stone for all to see. The band needed to push themselves harder, the band needed to prove they were worthy of their name, the band needed a quiet place to die.

2020 sees Alpha Wolf bite harder than ever with their sophomore release a quiet place to die, the culmination of every lesson learnt, every hit taken, and every loss felt. a quiet place to die is the end result of five individuals who have faced the fire and refuse to flinch, pouring their every-thing into making something they are truly proud of. The path to this point has only made their thirst greater, and soon enough, the wolves will be out for blood.

Alpha Wolf is Lochie Keogh (vocals), Scott Simpson (guitar), Sabian Lynch (guitar), John Arnold (bass/vocals) and Mitch Fogarty (drums).

a quiet place to die
1. a quiet place to die
2. Creep
3. Golden Fate; Isolate
4. Akudama
5. Acid Romance
6. Rot In Pieces
7. bleed 4 you
8. Ultra-Violet Violence
9. The Mind Bends To A Will Of Its Own
10. Restricted (R18+)
11. don’t ask…

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