March 1, 2024

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Australian metalcore band ATLVS deliver huge emotions with new song, “Synthetic Heaven”

In 2017, a band by the name of ATLVS, hailing from Australia, got their start. With just one EP and a handful of singles under their collective belts, they’ve slowly gained a sizable fanbase in their home country, with the band’s recent single releases gaining seemingly more traction than the last.

The band’s new EP, The Wound, The Blade, drops July 15th, and we’re excited to bring you the band’s new single from it, “Synthetic Heaven”. To say this song hits some really strong emotions is an understatement, and it might just see the band reach a brand new audience as well. Give it a spin below and let us know what you think.

About the new song, drummer + songwriter Nick Clavarino had this to say:

“The story behind Synthetic Heaven explores my relationship with my grandfather. We were super close, he even lived next door to my family and I my whole life, but as I got older I was back and forth a lot when ATLVS started and I didn’t have as much time to see him anymore. We played a show on a Sunday, I got home late and had to get ready to drive to NSW the next morning so I said to him I couldn’t see him, and sadly he passed away that night.”

“It’s about that realisation – that you never truly know what you had until it’s gone. We went in with raw emotion on this track, and we’ve set out to push that narrative, to make the most of the time you have with family, friends and loved ones, because you never know what lies around the corner.”

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