September 16, 2021

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August Burns Red reach major career milestone, selling one million records

Gone are the days when musicians and bands would sell hundreds of thousands of records in their first week of release. Well, for the most part, anyway. Silver, Gold, and especially Platinum certifications, even in the age of streaming as the primary mode of musical consumption, have been harder to come by for rock and metal artists.

That being said, selling a million records in your entire career to date, especially for a metal band, is a big time accomplishment. With the release of their new full-length Guardians on Fearless Records, metalcore vets August Burns Red have done just that.

Of course, selling a million records in your home country alone is a pretty big deal, too. While it’s obviously unknown how much they’ll be touring on the album cycle considering all that’s crippling the music industry with the coronavirus right now, it’s clear the streaming revolution has helped both their older and current songs land millions of streams – which has led to a second life for many older bands, too. Like Senses Fail, whose album Let It Enfold You recently was certified Gold. Either way, congrats to August Burns Red on the huge career milestone!

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