February 21, 2024

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Asking Alexandria’s “Into The Fire” and “I Won’t Give In” have been certified Gold by the RIAA

Regardless of your opinion on their discography or evolution as a band, the fact is that it’s rather impressive that Asking Alexandria have managed to maintain relevance in the music industry. Their three album run of Reckless And Relentless, From Death To Destiny, and The Black all peaked at least at #9 on the Billboard 200, impressive especially amidst a vocal change in the middle of that as well as changing tastes in the music scene. They even scored arguably the biggest mainstream hit of their career with “Alone In A Room”.

Having gone back and forth between various phases of their career from a musical perspective, they’re obviously still a sizable live draw as well. Their success has continued, with now two more of their biggest singles reaching new certifications.

Both “Into The Fire” and “I Won’t Give In” have both been certified Gold by the RIAA, joining several of their most successful songs like the previously aforementioned “Alone In A Room”, “Not The American Average”, and a few more. Congrats are in order.

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