December 6, 2023

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Armenian deathcore band Level 80 release their crushing new song “Chaosbringer”

The Yerevan, Armenia based deathcore group Level 80 first surface in 2018 with their debut EP “Age of Miseries”. Level 80 quickly established themselves shortly after the release of their first EP. The group is known for their tight, old school influenced but modernized deathcore elements. Level 80 takes ashes from the first few waves of deathcore and evolves those elements to match with today’s style. Level 80 has just unleashed their crushing new song “Chaosbringer” featuring Alex Paul of Organectomy. Level 80 continues to show sheer anger induced power in their music. The song doesn’t lose it’s footing for not even a single second throughout the track. The transitions, and vocal pattern could have not been any better. Vocalist Ruslan shows an incredibly diverse range of vocals throughout this track, and quite frankly all their previous material. The soul crushing instrumentals have an distinguishable style to them. Guitars have this deep guitar tone that fits the atmosphere perfectly. Level 80 continues to show constant improvements within all their sectors.

New Fury Media