Are you really surprised now? Four of Sleep Token’s new singles are trending on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart in the USA

We’ll reiterate it again for the uninitiated – Sleep Token are not a new band. It’s also time to stop comparing them to Ghost, because that’s a thing that people do for some reason. Different story for another day, though.

Anyway, if it wasn’t already painfully obvious, Sleep Token have simply exploded in the run-up to their upcoming third full-length album. Employing an interesting slow drip-feed strategy of releasing multiple singles before release to build hype, it’s something they first attempted on their debut album, Sundowning. Though that album cycle involved a single being released every other week compared to the current one, it’s clearly working either way.

While multiple singles that they’ve recently released have quickly approached huge status, now four of the band’s new tracks have found their way into the USA’s Viral 50 section of Spotify’s charts. Shockingly, “The Summoning” is still tops among these. And like others (including us) have mentioned, it’s pretty shocking considering that the song is a pretty heavy one. “The Summoning” by itself has already racked up almost 15 million streams on Spotify, and is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon. One can only imagine what will happen in the next year or two from the band, but it’s important to remember that acclaimed progressive label Basick Records gave the band their start. Wild.

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