September 19, 2021

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ARCHERS Debut New Song & Music Video “Making Eyes”

Following their release of Black Lung in 2019, Archers have released their newest single Making Eyes.

Making Eyes blends Archers’ traditional post-hardcore sound with a slow melodic intro similar to bands like Palisades and Emarosa’s newest album, Peach Club. The melodic intro builds as the song progresses and introduces the story. The song really picks up when the second verse hits that leads into a heavier chorus with a thundering breakdown and a powerful key change that really makes the whole song come together in full force.

Making Eyes signifies a new sound that’s slightly less heavy while still holding on to hardcore elements fans have come to know and love. Vocally, Nate Pulley, displays immaculate and stunning clean vocals accompanied by volcanic screams that are in your face and allow the listener to feel the emotion pouring out as the lyrical story unfolds. The instrumental aspect of the song perfectly flows with the vocals and keep the listener on edge as they progressively pick up and lead into an earth shattering breakdown.

“We are so excited to finally be releasing some new music and Making Eyes, to us, feels like the perfect tune to truly showcase the new direction ARCHERS is headed in. We all sincerely hope you love it.” -Nate Pulley

The new single is a huge step in a new direction for the band, and with even more on their plate for 2020, ARCHERS is a band you won’t want to sleep on. The new single showcases that the band has found a way to perfectly intertwine electronic and hardcore elements that unfold as a completely new genre that’s outside of the box. They found a way to hold on to what fans have come to love while introducing something entirely new, and it’s sure to be stuck in your head for the next few days.

The new single is accompanied by a beautiful music video that gives viewers a glimpse into what ARCHERS’ live performance looks like. Check it out below:

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