April 24, 2024

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Anti-Flag have seemingly broken up

Long time punk act Anti-Flag have seemingly broken up. The band has gone radio silent mostly deleting all the band’s social media accounts as well as member Chris #2 deleting his personal accounts. On the band’s Patreon, they’ve announced it’ll be switched to free and refunds will be handed out.

Fans online have also stated they’ve received notice that refunds for shows will be handed out.

We can only assume from how this is unfolding that this split may not be on great terms and we’ll post more news as it breaks. It appears that multiple reports are surfacing that Anti-Flag’s Justin Sane has been accused of rape on a podcast that surfaced just hours ago. You can listen to that below, though there’s the obvious trigger warning of the subject matter at hand.

What’s going on with Anti-Flag?
by u/daltorrrr182 in punk

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