September 23, 2023

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Alternative pop rising star Eliza Grace releases new video for Cameron Mizell-produced song, “Late Checkout”

Alternative pop musician Eliza Grace is here to bless us with her huge talent. Having worked closely alongside famed producer Cameron Mizell over the years while honing her style, she’s now released her first new single of 2022 in the form of “Late Checkout”. At its core, the song is about overcoming the stressors that life often brings, and the track was also produced by Cameron Mizell

Having previously collaborated with the likes of Dropout Kings and Relic Hearts as well as had popular covers of songs from Bring Me The Horizon go viral, the vocalist is well on her way to becoming a household name.

About the new song, Eliza had this to say:

“Late Checkout is my first single of 2022. It’s melodically playful and charismatic, while lyrically the song talks about taking a break from the every day bullshit and slowing tf down. I came up with this video concept years ago and it’s been archived until now! I wanted this to be a deeply symbolic and visually stimulating music video. Fun on the surface, and deep underneath. I’m really striving towards showing a more fun, lighthearted side of myself this year because my sense of humor to be 10/10 and the world needs it I swear.”

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