Alt-rock band Blame My Youth is making a wave in the scene with latest single “The Break”

Alternative rockers Blame My Youth are making their name known in the scene and will continue their upward trajectory with their latest single “The Break”.

Blame My Youth frontman and songwriter Sean Van Vleet, whose musical journey has seen him grace stages such as Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, takes both a nostalgic look back and a bold step forward with ‘The Break’. Delving deep into personal experiences, his latest self-penned opus takes the listener on a cathartic expedition down the footpaths of heartbreak and vulnerability. Elaborating on it’s creation, Van Vleet shares

“Writing this one with Joey Moi was a real good reminder that my heart hadn’t turned to stone yet. I was happy at the time when we wrote it, but I got to go down memory lane and knock on a door I had all boarded up. Somebody had asked me recently if I’d ever been broken up with before, and I said ‘yep’ and that was that. A couple weeks later when Joey and I were writing, I continued answering the question in this song.”

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