Alt-metal band Vexes (ex-A Life Once Lost, Fury Of Five) releases haunting new single, “Plasticine”

A “supergroup” of sorts featuring former members of A Life Once Lost, Vessl, and more, alt-metal band Vexes have made their debut in a bold way with their new single, “Plasticine”. Seriously, this track is highly reminiscent of bands like Deftones and Islander (vocalist Mikey also guests on a track on the upcoming album), but also is influenced by post-metal bands like Junius. Vexes is a treat for any fan of forward-thinking rock music, and their debut album, Ancient Geometry (which drops in February) has to be considered one of the most highly-anticipated debuts in recent memory. Vexes is THAT good. Don’t believe me? Listen to “Plasticine” below.

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