March 1, 2024

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Alt/indie-pop singer-songwriter Lisette releases haunting acoustic version of “Run This Far”

A little over 2 years ago, North Carolina singer/songwriter Lisette wowed us with her single “Run This Far”. Channeling some of the most powerful voices that indie pop has to offer, Lisette’s released a number of singles over the last couple years, showcasing her distinct and talented voice. Now, we’re bringing you back to where it all began, with an acoustic rendition of “Run This Far”, off her upcoming acoustic EP due out next Friday.

The acoustic version of the song takes on a life of its own, but it still showcases the same impressive voice that caught our attention two years ago. The North Carolina-based singer-songwriter has released a steady stream of music over the last two years, and you can also pre-save the upcoming EP on Spotify and iTunes, respectively. The single is off her upcoming ‘Beneath the Surface (Acoustic)’ EP, out October 16th.[0]=68.ARBl5U4ha_KUMqEU5xdR19GZjRRCGWmX57roinJ9GdZsFUHaliMFNZq1qjSO5Vtqf08ShpxWN9AYBuKbNft4lDni-tP2cScibxzjiLiKMX6B_y1ZjODGN_SMFwGlI_FuNGCQo3RykAXdjP_jzbXT8Jd3S9bHDYgiDQ9V2OcP9kBDVZ5o4DR9CkLcZek0ZTxP9B_3SlwbHg09BrBsCgoefELXEPQBOS1RZn5lpyF66uW6c_SZ_PARZ6Ui2WWtQpQQC4mmnbxiZeMQUlmJBwfwJiWEld5ka0MbBggIlwuhNmknDkqpVW9HBKE_wMOyQ9Dx3sw_zq2UXT9uHP6vjK84JlieasnlWILPiIU28Q&__tn__=-R

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