October 25, 2021

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Australian newcomers alt. are anything but “Dysfunctional” on debut EP (Review)

alt., 2020

When alt. was pitched to me after my Future Static review, I was all ears from the word “Deftones”. Us at New Fury are humongous fans of that act, and have taken to bands like Loathe with similar furtive interest. I knew I had to give this band a try, and what better way than to take a look at their debut EP, Dysfunctional?

This release starts up with “Insubordinate,” the leading single from the band formerly known as After Change. An eclectic piece from the get-go, the track shines in the anthemic chorus and the climactic breakdown. “Pariah” follows, with a gripping intro and the notable chorus lyric, “Heaven’s lost me inside your grave.”

Next up is “s.a.d.” Great production value complements this song that features some intense unclean vocals in its bridge. The trend continues of calm, focused singing in the verses to expansive, layered chorus vocals. “Chasing Safety” (which pinged the thought of Underoath in my head) exemplifies yet another solid example of lead-up in its mystifying breakdown. The sense of desperation in the lyricism gets the point of the track across well.

Another single, “nothingwithoutyou,” has massive potential to blow up with its emotive presentation and a dynamic chorus that sticks in the listener’s head as they ponder how “My love means nothing without you.” More outstanding mixing/mastering occurs in the effects interlaced in the second verse. My favorite riff of the album takes place in the early bits of “Smoke Signals”. This track’s instrumentation/mix packs a wallop and will please fans of this aspect of alt.

The EP finishes off with “Affinity”, another sentimental offering that will resonate with listeners as the Dysfunctional EP comes to a close. There is a lot to like with alt., and, while I got more of a That’s the Spirit BMTH vibe than Deftones, I will be playing “nothingwithoutyou” on repeat starting April 24th. Check out alt. for a bright new post-hardcore band that has the versatility to appeal to thousands of new fans!

***A press copy was provided courtesy of Collision Course***

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