November 28, 2021

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EP Review: Starve To Survive – ‘Have Me To Waste’

Starve To Survive – ‘Have Me To Waste’ EP (8.5/10)

Hailing from Newcastle, UK – hardcore newcomers Starve to Survive are back with their new EP and are set to shape the scene with their hardcore roots with unending aggression. The EP is  produced by highly respected Loathe’s Connor Sweeney.

Upon first listen we can safely say this EP really shreds and packs one hell of a knockout punch. The introduction track ‘Tremor’ kicks off with an atmospheric intro and then leaves you probably wanting to prepare for a fictional battle. Lead single ‘Dismal’ featuring Harry Rule from God Complex isn’t for the faint hearted, and a great lead single in our opinion, showcasing the kind of sound that’s been coming out of the underground lately.

Next track ‘Back & Forth’ is one of our favorites on the EP, kicking in with a devilish sounding roar that releases crazy chugging riffs and pummeling drums. There’s a few atmospheric pauses added in this track, blending well in my opinion, and building the tension when the beat drops and you just want to 2 step the shit out of wherever you are!

Twinge’ certainly leaves a a mark. It packs such aggression, with incredible guitar work, and mad drum skills with some nasty growls that will leave you wanting more and more. Without leaving any time to contemplate what the listener has just listened to, the next track, “Dread”, kicks in. The title cleverly fits in with not wanting this EP to be over.

Final track and EP title, ‘Have Me to Waste’ does not disappoint, with catchy riffs, and the perfect flow of steady drum rhythms combined with dirty roars, and has left the listener wanting more and more. That’s exactly what a good EP should do. With the track feeling like it has come to an end, an atmospheric theatrical ambience sets in, but with no warning, floor pounding drums, and crazy aggressive vocals starts again that certainly packs a punch.

On their sophomore EP, Starve To Survive blends all the compelling elements of hardcore and metalcore music, but adds their own spin on things. This is a band that’s going places, to be sure, and it seems this EP is only the tip of the iceberg.

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