February 20, 2024

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Album Review: Ira Hill – “Just Keep Swimming”


Akron, OH’s four piece post-hardcore Ira Hill was brought into my spectral vision recently with their brand new EP Just Keep Swimming. The seven track EP varies from melodic chorus’, piano rolls accompanied by ballad like qualities, straight up hardcore chugs and screams wrapping it altogether.

WELL – let’s just say I didn’t mind this EP. My first experience was “Shame”, the first single released from the album and easily the most accessible for any post-hardcore fans looking for their new thrill. Mixing the bouncy verse riff amongst the slapping drums and ferocious vocals – I was interested quite quickly.

Like I said, it’s the most radio friendly and crowd pleasing song on this EP. Unless you have those underground urges like every deathcore fan wanting to find the most brutal track… I’m kidding, don’t hit me.

I’m not really kidding, though.

I rather enjoyed “California Smile” the most on this release. Double kick intro into some guitar dissonance and heavy chugs makes Rockso a happy clown. While I do think “Shame” is definitely the crowd pleaser in terms of melody, “California Smile” has the potential to be one of band’s mosh inducers during live shows with that aggression.

“Everything I Need” sounds like it should be on an A Day to Remember album, and I hate it. I am sorry, but I absolutely loathe the continuous over saturation of sappy songs in hardcore/post-hardcore music. I suppose if you’re a fan of those songs, you’d be quite surprised by this one.

It’s not bad in any means – it even has a cool little shaker at the end – but for the love of the Dark Lord, make it stop. With Ira Hill, I feel nostalgic as if I’m listening to a heavier Blink 182 with hardcore seasoning on top.

“Ashes Undoing” closes out Keep on Swimming in continuous melodic fashion. A shorter track, it barely hits the 3 minute mark – it’s a great thing I am not a fan of reviewing progressive metal albums. At the end of the EP, Ira Hill is a band I can absolutely see myself listening to on a daily basis. Just going to avoid that ballad.

Great grooves, excellent production and seven easily accessible tracks is not something to complain about, that’s for sure.

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Just Keep Swimming – 4/5



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