March 4, 2024

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Album Review: I, Omega – “Transients”


Progressive metal comes naturally to a very few bands. You can hear it through the perfect flow of transitions and melodies. When a band is trying to be progressive it’s just as obvious through the terrible rhythms and clashing melodies. I, Omega is definitely a band of the former specifications.

Transients, set to be released on July 15 via Bullet Tooth, is one of the most perfectly executed albums from beginning to end. The album takes off so quickly that I was about three songs in by the time I realized how addicted I was to their sound. Every track is a deliberate masterpiece showcasing a band that knows exactly who they are with no pretensions or hesitation. Brimming with technicality that’s equaled in beauty.





“Shuddering At Calm Seas” is an example of how diverse their sound can be while maintaining the distinguishable I, Omega sound. This track features a beautiful female vocal accompaniment and even has a calm jazz-like section that seamlessly breaks back into aggressive metal.

“Suffer Now And Live” has a much darker sound. The vocals and instrumental are crushing and aggressive from the first second and flow perfectly into a catchy, soaring chorus.

“Half Way Home” is the track I have stuck in my head most frequently. Listen to it once and you’ll understand why. Everything about this track is perfect.

“The Rustling” is an instrumental. I have only one word: Epic.

If I had to pick one favorite track, it would probably be “Shaking Hands With Sinatra.” Breakneck speeds, face melting guitars, blazing drums, and pure adrenaline-filled vocals. The aggression is balanced out with catchy and upbeat riffs, group vocals, and intoxicating melodies.

“En Longa Somnum” is the perfect outro track for the perfect album. It has a more haunting feel and an eerie sound with a driving rhythm that slowly builds in intensity. This track is a maelstrom of emotions- slow and calm one second then fast paced the next- ultimately winding down to slow, calm, clean guitars

Transients showcases the talent of every member of I, Omega who effortlessly tears down genre defining barriers with their musicianship and virtuosity.

Rating: 5/5!

For fans of Protest The Hero, Between The Buried and Me,

Be sure to follow the band via their Official Facebook Page.

Catch them on tour with The Bunny The Bear and Everyone Dies In Utah:
July 7th- Fort Worth, TX
July 8th- Little Rock, AR
July 9th- Birmingham, AL
July 10th- Orlando, FL 
July 11th- Jacksonville, FL
July 12th- Atlanta, GA    
July 13th- Elizabethton, TN
July 14th- Pittsburgh, PA
July 16th- Trenton, NJ
July 17th- Providence, RI
July 18th- New York, NY 
July 19th- Lemoyne, PA
July 20th- Albany, NY
July 21st- Buffalo, NY

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